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How does it work?

Step 1: Receive order
Step 2: Send confirmation to the client
Step 3: Get feedback from the customer
Step 4: Get paid and feedback

Who is to benefit from it?




Food markets

Street food joints


What do our clients say?

Andrei Krainik. General Manager of Da Vinci (Limassol) Rolla experience and 30%+ profit

Inside and outside the restaurant

On the beach

Marios Potamitis. Thalassa Restaurant (Governor's Beach). Rolla experience and 30%+ profit

Example of an implemented QR-menu

View demo

Rolla turnkey

We will help you connect restaurant application and integrate it with your CRM system

We will design an individual QR code

We will conduct staff training on working with the admin panel

We will make an interactive menu by filling in all its positions and uploading photos

Why is it especially profitable to use Rolla now?

We are always available

Whether you are working or quarantined - your customers always have access to the QR menu without installing additional applications

No commission or other fees

Forget about food aggregators and the mandatory commission on each order. We do not charge for using the app - all the profit remains with you

No need to download anything or procure new devices

The application works on any smart mobile device. No downloads required. Just scan the QR code mobile application for cafes and restaurants

Only one app is enough

Convenient to pay by card and leave a tip, integrate with POS systems, mail to the customer base and charge discounts/bonuses. As a result, the volume of orders and the average check grow by up to 40%

Interactive Room service

The QR code in the hotel rooms or on the tables in the restaurant is the safety for customers and employees

Budget savings

You can update the menu and the loyalty program at any time without additional costs for printing and design work

What your customers will get

Get rid of unnecessary applications on their devices because all orders, reservations, and payments go through Rolla

Save up to half of the check amount, thanks to the loyalty programs of connected restaurants

Forget about long waits. It will take a minimum of time to find a suitable restaurant, book a table, place an order, pay, communicate with the staff.

Help their favorite cafe/restaurant/coffee house become better. They can leave feedback, suggestions, while you can track their order history

Tariffs for Europe

For your business from 4 € / day


Basic features


From 4 € / day / month
Mobile app Digitizing and creating QR - menus Multilingual menu, manual and automatic configuration - depending on geolocation Placement in the database of public catering Technical support Digitization of your menu (up to 50 items) Photos of dishes

* When paying for 3 months - 15% discount, for 6 months - 30% discount, for 12 months - 60% discount
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Includes all features of the Basic tariff


From 5 € / day / month
10 Order a table and for delivery Reservation (booking) a table Pre-order / take away service Request a tip when paying Safe QR codes, when hacked, we deactivate and register new ones Online Payments Apple Pay and Google Pay * Coming Soon Code generator via the site Modifiers (detailed filters) for dishes Digitizing your menu (up to 70 items) On / off function. SMS - authorization Separate service areas division between waiters (zoning) Push notifications Waiter call Restaurant opening hours - with the setting to stop automatically accepting orders during non-working hours (selected individually) Setting up the work of the restaurant - manually selecting the type of service depending on the situation (inside only, summer terrace only, take away only, and so on) Ability to work via personal smartphone Scheduled meals


1 month of all features free use

* When paying for 3 months - 15% discount, for 6 months - 30% discount, for 12 months - 60% discount


Includes features from the Standard tariff


From 7 € / day / month
Custom app for your brand - White label Unlimited categories and dishes Online menu editing Booking system Push messages to customers Digitizing your menu (up to 100 items) Individual settings Testimonials Stop and Hot Lists Integration with POS systems for orders and menus exchanging


1 month of all features free use

* Subject to payment for 3 months

* The price of the selected Tariff is firmed up for 12 months


How and where will the orders arrive?

Orders will be sent to any device of your choice - phone, tablet or laptop, where you will need to accept the order or reject it.

Rolla is an app and you need to download it?

This is an mobile application, but no download is required. Your customers do not need to download additional applications, which saves them time and allows them to place an order in 1 click.

Why is there an interactive menu if there is a regular one?

The interactive menu is safe and easy to use. The client does not need to waste time waiting for the waiter to bring the paper menu, while it is possible to make an addition to the order. In the case of a group order, you will not have to share the menu. If a dish is temporarily unavailable or has risen in price, you can easily make adjustments to the menu yourself, as well as add pictures and cooking times. An interactive menu is an opportunity to work during a difficult epidemic situation while saving budget and time.

Can I test the service before paying?

Yes, we have provided a test use of the application (all functions) for a period of 1 month. After this period, you will be able to subscribe for further use of the advanced functions of the application. If you decide to unsubscribe, in any case, you will be left with a QR menu for further work.

Is there an integration with POS systems?

The application integrates with the most popular POS systems. If integration is required, tell the manager who will connect your establishment to our service.

Rolla saves not just budget, but also time!

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