Rolla delivery aggregator

Unified restaurant management system with embedded digital orders

  • Manage your delivery on one screen.
  • One menu, one device!





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What are the challenges the restaurant business owners face?


Do you work with multiple delivery and food aggregators services?


Forced to use 4 or more tablets to keep up with all incoming orders?


Your waiters do not have time to combine their immediate duties with order tracking?


The restaurant menu in each system is different — do you need to keep track of changes in prices, nomenclature, and discounts, and update them on different sites?


Connecting to each new system is a time consuming task.. Do you need to train your staff, upload menus, set up integration?

Don't rush to hire new waiters and administrators.

Use our application - Delivery Service Aggregator

We propose to combine all delivery systems into one workstation

Working with orders in a single interface

  • Taking orders
  • Confirmation
  • Printing
  • Transfer to POS system

Working with menus in one place

  • One menu for all delivery agents
  • Quick removal of goods, change of prices, names, photos
  • Statistics on orders one screen.

Difficult, expensive, each application needs a separate device

Everything is in one app

You can connect to the system with a couple of clicks:

Create an account in the delivery system. Enter the integration key received from the delivery system, in our application.

We will upload the menu into the system ourselves

All new orders from all delivery systems in one place

You do not need to configure integration with the POS system - it goes via an already connected device

What else can Rolla do

Interactive menu

Payments and tips

Integration with POS systems

Customer base and reviews

Push notifications

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