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Rolla combines the services within the hotel and supplements them with other offers. Due to this, the customers could freely enjoy the services of restaurants, shops, golf courses, campgrounds, dry-cleaning, laundry, swimming pools and gyms, as well as external vendors of goods and services.

Contactless order and payment is not just an additional option. This is a must for time and money saving!

Example of an implemented QR-menu

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Why Rolla?


Profitable solution

Free integration and training of your employees, without any additional investments. We only charge a small transaction fee.


Easy start

No special equipment required.



Stable technical support.


Happy guests

QR codes scanning without downloading the app.


Time saving

Waiters can't see everything and be everywhere, but guests don't have to wait. Service needs to be faster!


Easy and safe

Work without neither risks nor dependence on quarantine restrictions.

What do our clients say?

Andrei Krainik. General Manager of Da Vinci (Limassol) Rolla experience and 30%+ profit

Inside and outside the restaurant

On the beach

Marios Potamitis. Thalassa Restaurant (Governor's Beach). Rolla experience and 30%+ profit

Benefits of Rolla Customer Service

Increases customer loyalty

Customers enjoy using the application while ordering all the necessary services or calling staff using their phone. The whole hotel is in one smartphone!

Solving the problem of staffing shortage

The application connects customers with service personnel. You just need to follow the notifications and quickly respond to them.

Instant updates

Update the list of services and their providers as often as necessary.

New clients

Through social media promotions and mobile alerts, we attract proper people for your business and engage new customers.

Fast service

When hotels are immensely busy, it is not that easy to quickly respond to the guest requests. Through the application, it could be done just in one click - call the staff, respond to any request for a product or service.

Loyalty management

You always know your guests’ feelings and experience, whether they like everything due to the Staff call button.

Statistics and prognosis

Create the reports about the relevance of your hotel services and its occupancy rate, and collect the feedback for social media using Rolla.


It helps to reduce the workload on your employees and the costs of your business.

With Rolla your venue will work more efficiently and faster!

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